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Genesis 4500 VH2/4

Genesis 4500 VH2/4

Genesis 4500 VH2/4

  • Brand:Cloverleaf
  • Product Code:VH2/4 - GEN/45
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Cloverleaf Genesis 4500 VH2/4

Size 2130 x 510 x 630mm. Suitable for Koi ponds up to 2,250 gallons (10,125 litres), or Goldfish ponds up to 4,500 gallons (20,250 litres). This 4 Bay unit comprises of a first stage vortex bay, with Bay 2 being fitted with mechanical brushes, Bay 3 acting as a main biological bay with its “Flocore” medium (or alternative Japanese Matting at an extra cost), and Bay 4 serving as the secondary biological/mechanical stage - incorporating foam and the highly proclaimed aqua rock/alfagrog. With 4 bays offering the best of all worlds this unit is highly recommended.

Note: Pipe inlet size 110mm (4") - Outlet 82mm (3").

Diagrammatic Section Through Filter

This drawing illustrates the general design concept to both the Cloverleaf “CL” and “Genesis” range. As can be seen key beneficial features are numerous, starting from the principles of up and down flow through the tanks thereby keeping the water in contact with the mediums for as long as possible.

Apart from the advantageous separation and settlement of solids in the vortex bay, the generation of an “upflow” and the incorporation of settlement areas (with drain down valves) ensures that the filtration mediums stay cleaner for longer – thus promoting larger colonies of beneficial bacteria, and by default thereby establishing a healthier pond environment. The thoughtfully designed layout of the vertical transfer ports also provides the highly useful bonus of being able to incorporate air stones (where desired) without the need for the pond to appear similar to a witch’s cauldron.

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